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Meet Maggie

It all began with children…

“When I had my children my eyes were opened to a life of dull spaces – I couldn’t believe that when you have kids you were suddenly immersed into a world of plastic fantastic toys and church halls.  I had found the niche and set off to solve this dilemma by creating a Family Members Club – a place where kids and grown-ups could enjoy spending time together.

Maggie & Rose at Home | Meet MaggieMaggie & Rose at Home | Meet Maggie

Over the years of sourcing toys, crockery, furniture etc. the struggle became intensified to find suppliers that weren’t mass producing, using un-environmentally friendly materials and who could stay in stock for longer than an order or two! So I started experimenting myself – finding raw materials, decorating chairs and walls Jackson Pollock style, scouring every trade fair possible for boutique companies that had a story to tell about their brand – just as we do. 

My children have always been my guinea pigs.  They’ve been there to help set up every UK Club, giving feedback on their likes, what works for their range of ages, testing new toys, paints everything for me. I remember when I couldn’t find a paint colour that I liked for our Kensington walls – so I created my own mix. And suddenly the members were asking what Farrow & Ball swatch it was and they were begging me to give them the combination I used so they could paint their own home with that colour!

Maggie & Rose at Home | Meet MaggieMaggie & Rose at Home | Meet Maggie

 A decade into my journey it’s become my quest to change it all – I have slowly been finding brands that make awesome dolls, crockery, craft supplies, you name it, for us.  They must be aligned with our ethos and be eco-friendly/ethically sourced to some degree.  For things I can’t find I’ve created myself – high dining chairs to bring little ones up to enjoy a family meal, wallpapered bookshelves, bespoke train tables made to measure – we’ve only just scratched the surface on our creations. 

Maggie & Rose at Home | Meet Maggie

It makes me super happy that our brand can be taken into the family home – whether you’re a Maggie & Rose member or not, I believe our collection works to make family life and home interiors just that bit more inspiring every day…."


Maggie x


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